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Firing up the kitchen with lights: The right lighting for your kitchen

Lighting can change a space; this is a very important rule to remember when decorating any interior or even exterior space. While most people do give lighting the right amount of importance, one space that most people don’t tend to recognise its significance… is the kitchen. Lighting is an important concept in any modular kitchen in Chennai, but there is still so much you can do with it!


Invisible lights are the trend today, and do truly have their charm, but old-time or traditional lights also can lend their aesthetics to a space. Choosing the right light, depends on the space you want it to shine on.


The kitchen sink might not come with a light, but opting for a fixture with a dome or cup can greatly improve the look of your sink.


Putting lights on top of the shelf are usually not helpful, as the shelves could block the light. The best place would be to put them under the shelf, so they can illuminate the space below, which usually has a platform. These lights will be invisible, like a spot light, and can add a dynamic vibe to the kitchen.

Wall Lighting

The kitchen requires maximum lighting, as you need to see everything you do in there. So this is actually a good place to experiment with bright lights and their position. Wall lights are usually aesthetic, but people could also opt for hanging lights, if the space permits them to do so. Hanging lights, with the right design, can help accentuate the vibe of a modular kitchen in Chennai.


Another aspect of lighting to concentrate on, is its tone. If you colour changing lights you can change the tone to will, but if you are planning on sticking with either a clearly warm or cool tone of lighting, it is essential to consider the overall decor. All lights will have to be in the same tone, and it should complement the overall colour palette.

These lighting positions allow you to illuminate a modular kitchen in Chennai sufficiently and aesthetically. Try them out in your next kitchen re-decor!

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