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Wardrobes , Anbre

Wardrobes that fit seamlessly

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With Anbre,it's different

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Expert Services

Get professional service, from design work to installation work of your wardrobe

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5-Year Warranty

An example of our confidence and quality , All manufacturing defects are covered

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Just 8-Weeks

With our proficient planning and efficient executions we make it possible to deliver in just 8-Weeks

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Elite Experience

A quality wardrobe design experience for a simple and more elegant lifestyle

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Indian Wardrobes

Our Designer wardrobes provide out of the box design options that are becoming more popular. Personalize your bedroom space without compromising on the essential storage options for more space.

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we provide customisation to your specification, meet our expert designers and plan your space, style and budget

best home interior in chennai

Anbre Wardrobes that flow, consistent and well-put-together

However big or small your bedroom might be, having a spacious wardrobe is always important. It is the only place specifically designed for storing clothes and other accessories.

If you have been searching for innovative ideas to create your own smart wardrobe, we’re here.

best home interior in chennai
best home interior in chennai

Swing doors

Stylish sliding doors, smoothly glide on dual tracks and offer a sleek aesthetic that saves space and complements wider wardrobes beautifully.

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Sliding doors

The highly functional swing doors work best for compact wardrobes in large-enough rooms that allow the door to open completely.

Top-notch materials,
exceptional quality

Moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, durable, and sturdy, your Anbre wardrobe is fashioned from the finest materials. From high grade marine plywood, sleek aluminium shutters to the Hettich drawer channels and hinges, every component of your wardrobe boasts the best of quality.

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Your robes in our wardrobes -The perfect match

Crafted with the highest attention to detail and quality, Anbre wardrobes are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. To ensure that every wardrobe is absolutely flawless, automated processes are employed for perfectly bent edges, steady panel alignments, and smooth functioning of all hardware components. Rigorous quality checks and product testing at every step of the way guarantee that your wardrobe is sturdy, durable and long lasting..