Making a wonder out of your open terrace: Ideas and options

Have an open terrace in your home? It is a great value addition to any home as it allows for natural light, and also offers a great opportunity for decor and design. An open terrace is different from a balcony, as it doesn’t have a roof over it, giving it the impression of a regular terrace though it is attached to the house like a balcony.

The concept of an open terrace, while not new, is becoming novel these days for the plethora of decor options it offers. You can do soooo much with an open terrace. If you have french windows leading into the terrace, even better. Of course, most people just deck them up with lights and cushions, but structurally as well your open terrace could be so much more.

Ideas For Remodelling An Open Terrace

An open terrace could easily turn into an entertainment or relaxing space, depending on how you use it or remodel it. There are several things you could try,

Pool or Hot Tub

You could try installing a pool or Hot Tub in your open terrace and cordoning it off with screens or reflective glass. If your open terrace is high enough, maybe you won’t even need that. It would be the perfect space to relax outside on a warm sunny day, while enjoying a view.


While most people already use their open terrace for a garden, you could turn it into an actual garden by installing lawns and other plants. If it’s big enough, you could also add a bird bath and a bench, making it a quiet place to relax.

The Divided Open Terrace

If your open terrace is huge and has a lot of space, you could section it off and use each section for something. You could opt for pretty walls or cordons to divide the sections. One section could be a garden, one could have a campfire, one could have a pool, a swing, etc.

The Gondola

While the whole point of having an open terrace is that it is open, a gondola is a structure that could cover just a portion of the place. You can decorate it with lights and cushions and make a nice space to just relax and read. You could also have a garden surrounding it to add to the ambience.

An open terrace could virtually become any type of place you want, if you’re just creative enough! What would you do with your open terrace?

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