Bed Room

A Bedroom rich on the looks but budget-friendly in the books

Bedroom decor is personal in comparison to other room decor of a home. The bedroom embodies you as a person, and is a true reflection of your tastes and visions in life. So naturally, it makes sense if you want to splurge on your bedroom decor. While that is a justifiable reason, we have a few tips to ensure you splurge only where necessary. The best interior in Chennai does not have to be expensive, so read on to find out how?


The best things in life are, unfortunately, expensive, but oh so worth it! From the softest bed linen to the comfiest mattresses, these are additions that not only elevate your decor but also enhance your sleep experience. We highly recommend going for the best money can buy when it comes to choosing mattresses, pillows, cushions, linen, and other bed upholstery.


Furniture is a one-time investment, or at least they should be. If you choose the best in furniture, you can ensure you don’t have to keep spending on upgrading or repairing them in the future. Furniture includes your cot, dressers, wardrobe, etc. These are essential, and it is best you choose them for their longevity.


Wall Colour

A simple thing as wall colours and accents can effectively raise the aesthetics of your bedroom. There are several wall decor ranges you can choose from, but the most basic is of course, the colour. While you could choose your favourite colour for your walls, we would recommend going with lighter or pastel shades of the colour. Lighter shades have a calming effect on the eyes, and can help with your sleep as well. This is psychologically proven. Lighter shades also add a sophisticated aura to your decor, and are a double-win. Additionally, you can add a texture to your wall paint if you want it to stand out, and you can experiment with other colour palettes for this effect.


Bedroom decor is a vast world of choices, from tapestries and posters, to decals and show pieces. Additionally, your lights and linens can also become decor if chosen carefully. With there being an infinite number of choices for bedroom decor, you can easily save on decor costs. Choose decor in complementary colours to your decor and in the same or related style. These decor can help accentuate your bedroom holistically, but also stand out separately as eclectic pieces.


Lights play an intrinsic role in your bedroom experience, as they can highlight your bedroom’s features. Lighting usually comes in two tones – warm and cool, and you can choose according to your overall bedroom aesthetic. The best interior in Chennai is the one with the best lighting. Lighting placements and fixtures also add to your bedroom’s value, so ensure you work that into your designs.

Colour Palette

This is probably the most important and cheapest decision you will make for your decor. The right colour makes or breaks the best interior in Chennai. Colour palettes usually consist of two or three colours and their corresponding shades. Choosing the right colours is easy as you can ask your decorator or just search for the latest trends online and make your choice based on your tastes. Once you choose your colours, you have to choose which one will be the dominant and which will be the accentuating colour. For the best effect, it is better to go with a darker or more saturated accentuating colour for your bedroom. It is essential to ensure you follow through on your colour choices in all your elements to make your bedroom decor cohesive, as it ensures your aesthetic is maintained uniformly.

With just a few changes you can effortlessly uplift your bedroom decor and make it the true place of rest and peace it is meant to be!

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